We have started using a special plugin which enables lightmaps manipulation in Unity. This makes dynamic scenes more realistic, such as light changes, smooth day\night change, etc.

The Dreamsoft3D team has created a 360 degree view out of real guitar shots and smoothly integrated it into an interactive 3D environment for our partners from

We have a 3D furniture configurator for TON furniture factory. The engine helped us significantly save on rendering costs and the weight of rendered materials:

Microsoft and Warner Bros offer fans the ability to download a 3D blueprint that should feature in the second part of the Hobbit film trilogy!

Adobe Labs has released Adobe AIR 4 Beta. The platform provides new features for the development of various applications from console games and interactive content to full HD

Sony Playstation 4 was launched November 15. The video game console includes very cool Augmented Reality features: and

Unity3D 4.3 is out. Awesome 2D tools have arrived.

The V-Ray 3 visualization system for 3ds Max will soon be released, while its beta version is already available for testing. Dreamsoft3D team is going to use this engine to achieve the highest quality of rendering and visualization.

We have finished the “Spreader” project. It includes the 3D images of an attachment which is connected to the spreader. The images show the device performance and its efficiency.

Dreamsoft has finished another batch of low poly models for InContext. The portion included 60 models of various objects which will be used further by our partners.

Dreamsoft has successfully finished a long cycle of 3D orders for Buhl Press. The cycle included about 15 projects.

Dreamsoft has launched a new scheduling and logistics system for NGSI (Chicago's largest custom commercial AV company).

Dreamsoft has created a 3D rendering of a Fitness Club owned by Blast Fitness Group, LLC.

We begin the development of 3D exchange platform